Terpene Tuesday: Pinene, Nature’s Potent Pick-Me-Up

Terpene Tuesday: Pinene, Nature’s Potent Pick-Me-Up

*For a general introduction to terpenes as a whole, check out The Dirt on Terpenes.

Pinene infographic
Pro tip: if you want to maximize this terpene’s extraction, use a temperature-specific vaporizer set to the pinene boiling point of 311 degrees F.

The Fresh Scent of Pine

Before we even begin an exploration of pinene, I’m sure you’ve already drawn the conclusion that it’s the terpene responsible for the fresh, piney scent of some strains. In the natural world, pinene is also found in pine trees (of course), rosemary, and basil 

But there are actually two types of pinene. The potent, signature piney scent of alpha-pinene, along with its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, finds it often used in cleaning products. Beta-pinene has the more earthy scent found in herbs like dill or parsley

Dill and parsley
Beta-pinene lends its earthy, spicy scent to dill and parsley.

Widespread and Promising

Alpha-pinene is the most widely found terpene in nature. Traditional healers have tapped into this terpene through the use of bark or other pinene-heavy herbs in holistic treatments. Given its pervasiveness in nature and the history humans have forged with it, scientists have been closely examining its pharmacological effects. One summation article that compared multiple studies called it “A Miracle Gift of Nature” due to its wide-ranging therapeutic potential. A range of published studies suggest that alpha-pinene may be helpful in increasing alertness and combatting THC-induced memory loss,  treating allergiesreducing anxiety, and reducing inflammation and pain levels. 


Mimosa bud
The incredibly aromatic Mimosa strain — this particular flower cultivated by Pro Gro — is rich in myrcene and limonene as well as pinene.

Where to Find Pinene 

Leafly points out that pinene is rarely the primary terpene in cannabis strains, but can often be the second most prominent terpene. And you don’t need to stick to only piney smelling strains. Fruity strains like Blue Dream, Mimosa, and Strawberry Cough are all high in pinene, alongside more traditionally piney and earthy strains like Jack Herer and OG Kush.