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Pure Clones

Michigan grown cannabis clones.

Pure Clones

Purely Planted

As the first retail store approved to sell clones in the State of Michigan, we’re excited to share our amazing genetics with all home growers and caregivers. Because we believe in helping you succeed in the process of growing cannabis, when you pick up your order we’ll provide you with a guide on how to care for your clones.

The First of Its Kind

Pure Clones is the first of its kind in the market. This is monumental for recreational and medical cannabis in Michigan. Pure Clones will be providing hand-selected best quality genetics, disease free, cuttings that are ready to grow into full size plants.

Our mission is to provide cannabis clones that are thoroughly tested to be free of harmful elements like molds, mildew, yeasts, and pesticides. We believe that this is the future of Michigan Cannabis.

Pure Clones

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