Give Them What They Want: Summer Strains Recommendations

Give Them What They Want: Summer Strains Recommendations

Cannabis variations take seasonal fun to the next level

Summer is in full swing, and as cannabis gains legal status in more states, people are looking to tie cannabis into their typical summer activities. We wanted to share with you some of the summer strains our retail locations are showcasing to help you make the most of seasonal activities! We spoke with PG Group CEO and Partner Sam Usman Jr. about what makes a strain great for summertime!

Cannabis and summer relaxation go hand-in-hand.

What makes a great summer strain?

Usman: All summer long, groups have been stopping at our shops to grab product on their way up north. People are in full summer mode, but they don’t always think about how their cannabis pairs with their activities. Our budtenders are taking extra time to learn about the customer, as well as where and how they plan to consume cannabis. This information helps us make suggestions that will maximize their summer experience. A good summer strain is one that provides an energetic and clear high without inducing the sedative and calming properties that are typically associated with indicas. The strains are appealing to consumers because their cerebral effects and euphoric, jovial nature help create excitement and energy, so people can enjoy a carefree summer like they did back when they were kids. There is a summer strain for everybody and every festivity. Legal cannabis is still new to Michigan, so we’ve been more than happy to help our patrons make the most of the beautiful weather by introducing them to some of the most high-quality summer strains out there.

Pro Gro Biscotti
Biscotti is a fantastic hybrid for daytime activities, elevating any experience with its mouthwatering flavor.

So what are the fan favorites?

Usman: A few of the fan favorites in Michigan are Biscotti – a delectable cross of the popular strains Gelato 33 and Motorbreath – London Pound Cake, Garlic Breath, Wedding Cake, and Purple Punch. These strains are ideal for nearly all summer activities. Each stain has a unique taste that appeals to different people and different activities. Purple Punch has a sweet and light flavor profile that is consistent, mild and all-around enjoyable. Many people say this one is a great match for a day at the pool. London Pound Cake is a boating favorite because of its nuanced fruity flavor profile and citrus overtones. Garlic Breath has a remarkably powerful aroma that combines the perfect blend of funk and complexity of GMO with the full flavor of Mendo Breath. This strain is a barbecue go-to.

Summer Strain Highlights

With these recs in mind, let’s explore some of these cultivars.

GARLIC BREATH is a particularly piquant strain from Thug Plug Genetics. They crossed a powerful and pungent GMO mother with a Mendo Breath F2 father for this potent indica hybrid. The savory flavor gives way to a heavy-hitting high that is best saved for experienced consumers. Expect Pure repose.

London Pound Cake Bud
Like its namesake, London Pound Cake is a tasty treat.

LONDON POUND CAKE is a rising star in the cannabis world, created by Cookies Fam Genetics. A cross of the delightful Sunset Sherbet and an unknown indica hybrid, this strain is an olfactory and gustatory delight, named for its sweet flavor, bearing elements of berry, grape, citrus, and pine. Due to its calming and centering cerebral effects, London Pound Cake is popular with patients struggling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Expect Pure peace and relaxation.

PURPLE PUNCH is one of our bestselling strains, drawing patrons in with its frosty, trichome-heavy buds and enticingly sweet grape and vanilla scent. Supernova Gardens bred this flower from Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. It will help relax your body without full sedation, making it a great choice for users who prefer to remain active. Its incredible bouquet makes it an excellent dessert strain. Expect Pure flavor.

Wedding Cake bud
Wedding Cake is a perennial favorite that customers love for its delicious flavor and mellow, uplifting effects.

There has been some debate surrounding the origins of WEDDING CAKE, but Seed Junky Genetics has confirmed that this popular strain comes from crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. This slightly indica-dominant hybrid has an earthy, vanilla aroma that gives way to a sweet, mellow flavor. Effects are said to include a mood-lifting euphoria, physical relaxation, and creative mental stimulation. Expect Pure wedded bliss.