8 Easy Valentine Gift Ideas for Weed Lovers 

8 Easy Valentine Gift Ideas for Weed Lovers 

So your lover loves weed. That makes for easy day-to-day surprises, but how do you find the romance in cannabis for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day? Here are simple ways to take your cannabis gift game to the next level: 

1. Start with the classics: Give them “flowers.” 

Head to your favorite shoand pick up some of your partner’s favorite flower strain(s). Next, head to the dollar store or craft store, and pick up a small vase or a cute container. Top it off with some ribbon and a bow, and you have a special presentation for a special day.  

Midnight Bar Rich Dark
Midnight Bar Rich Dark… and decadent

2. Candy never goes out of style, especially when it has special ingredients!

Michigan has great selection of cannabis candy producers who make high-end handmade medibles perfect for a romantic eveningTry a selection of artisanal chocolate from Midnight Roots’ Midnight Bars linetruffles from High Life Farms, infused with full spectrum cannabis oil; or Dream Edibles Handcrafted Caramels. If you’re feeling saucy, throw in some Guilty Pleasures gummies for good measure. 

Pizza w marijuana
Yes, please.

3. Cook them a romantic, cannabis-infused dinner. 

You don’t have to be an edibles expert to make an infused meal. Distillate darts make it incredibly easy to add some zing to most recipes! Distillate is a refined cannabis oil which comes decarboxylated, so you don’t have to worry about taking any extra steps to activate the THC in it like you do when cooking with flower. Also, since distillates come in easy-to-dose syringes, you are way less likely to overdo it. Remember, we want to be romantic, not comatose! 

marijuana bath bombs
Cannabis bath bombs are rising in popularity.

4. Draw them a decadent bath.

THC and CBDinfused bath bombs are rapidly growing in popularity, for obvious reasons. But it doesn’t just have to be about self-care  show your sweetie your sensitive side by making them a bath that will truly relax. 

The Helping Friendly Salve
The Helping Friendly Salve combines CBD with herbal extracts, available in a variety of scents, or unscented.

5. Deliver a deep-tissue medicated massage. 

Massages are a gimme on a day like Valentine’s day, so make yours memorable by using a medicated salve for deep muscle relaxationThere are CBDonly varieties like The Helping Friendly Salve, combo varieties like the Dixie Synergy 1:1 CBD/THC line, and THC-heavy brands like Michigan Organic Rub (which we are anxiously awaiting the return of – build that new facility faster!), all of which will enhance any rubdown! 

Shatterizer DabTabs edition.

6. Accessorize. 

If your partner is like me, then they are excited to try every new device in the marijuana market. There are tons of fun low-tech options like a new bowl or bong, or a cool anti-scent carrying case by companies like Stashlogix. If you want to get fancy, there are so many tech toys to play with. Get her the Dabtabs Shatterizer she’s been curious about, or a battery powered grinder for your guy!

7. Clean their glass for them. 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about spending money! Taking care of an annoying task like cleaning out someone’s glassware can be an awesome present, and it’s something you can probably do with things you already have at home. All you really need is a high concentration rubbing alcohol (90% or higher), coarse salt, and some gloves to protect your hands. Weedmaps shows a nice breakdown of the steps here. (Note, the plugs they mention are totally not required – if your hands are gloved, you can place your hands over the mouthpiece and downstem to keep the alcohol solution from coming out while you shake the bong.) 

8. Still unsure? Give the gift of choice! 

There’s nothing wrong with the good old fallback of a gift certificate! Medical marijuana is a personal thing, so allowing your love to pick their own pleasure is a thoughtful gesture.  

Now get out there and get romantic in the most awesome way possible!