Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is named for its diesel-based bouquet and its stellar ability to send you into the sky on a wave of relaxed euphoria. This strain draws its gassy scent and uplifting effects from its Jet Fuel OG mother, and its full-body relaxation from its Face Off OG BX1 father. Consumers suffering from chronic pain and insomnia will quickly add this to their list of
favorites. Expect Pure relief. (Sources: Allbud, Hytiva, Leafly, Wikileaf) 
Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG BX1
Archive Seed Bank
EFFECTS AROMA Research site(s) 
Relaxed, euphoric, body buzz
Diesel, sweet, spicy, herbal
Allbud, Hytiva, Leafly, Wikileaf

Price: $4,000/lb


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