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30+ strains available for purchase by grams or as finely-crafted pre-rolls for your convenience.

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Jelly Roll

TYPE: Indica

Kush Mints

TYPE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: appetite stimulant Tingly Uplifting

Lemon Cherry Gelato

TYPE: Indica
EFFECTS: Cerebral Euphoric Relaxing

London Pound Cake

TYPE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: calming Focused Mood-lifting

Lunar Lemon

TYPE: Sativa Hybrid
EFFECTS: Creative Energizing Focused

Mendo Breath

TYPE: Indica
EFFECTS: Body Buzz Relaxed Soothing

Milk & Cookies

TYPE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: Body Buzz Relaxing stress-relieving


TYPE: Sativa
EFFECTS: calming Energizing Focused

Moonbow #112

TYPE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: Euphoric Focused Relaxed

Motor Cake

TYPE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: Euphoric Relaxed

Paris Breath

TYPE: Indica
EFFECTS: calming Relaxing Sedating

Pink Runtz

TYPE: Hybrid
EFFECTS: Happy Tingly Uplifting